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Sam/Jess manipulation "The Memory Remains 

I made this manipulation for "The Great Divide" challenge at Buffy Forums.  I love the Jess and Sam relationship even though it only lasted about five minutes on screen.  I wanted to show in this manipulation that her memory still remains in Sam's mind although she is never brought up anymore in the show.  Hence, his face being turned from her.

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Jdrama - Tokujo - Pretty Woman

Heroes - Peter/Claire - "Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law..."

WOO! Fanart! It's been so LONG since I've done fanart. How I've missed it! *snuggles it* My latest Heroes creation, a moody little Paire manip I like to call "Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law..." It seems to fit. :) Enjoy!

ETA: This manip contains the use of a spoiler image from 1x20!

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