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Underworld | Cartoon

Underworld piece: Lucian/Sonja and Selene/Michael

This is more of a poor attempt at symbolism than anything else, but the icons came out well.

New manip, "Skimming Stones":

And lj-compatible icons (please credit me):

These are not lj-compatible (too big), but I thought I'd share anyway. They're good for InvisionFree boards and such, provided you upload on your own server:

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Underworld | Everything

Underworld, Tristan + Isolde, other fandoms

Hello, all! This is my first post here.

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[Young Selene*]
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Tristan + Isolde
[Modern Day]
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The Noble Dead (A series of books about vampire hunters)
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*Lily Sheen
**Jennifer Morrison
***Orlando Bloom