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One Fiery Angel

This is my first manip ever, but I hope you like it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. :)

1. Art which I've found on Net
2. BLACK VEIL BRIDES "Fallen Angels" screen capture

Size - 800 pix. Worksafe.

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BtVS Happy Holidays

Fanart: The Five Stages of Grief (AtS/BtVS)

Collection: Characters Welcome
Artist: kaylashay
Current Chapter Count: 4
Series: Artistic Collections

Cross Posted: manipology; buffy_graphics

Chapter 4: The Five Stages of Grief

Disclaimer: The various pictures of AtS characters and Buffy are not mine. They were found in internet image searches. I claim no rights to them.

Author's Note: This was done as a request for jedibuttercup for her fic The Five Stages of Grief. It's not quite what I originally pictured when I started work on it, but hopefully she'll like it.

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