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The Art of Manips

The Art of Manips
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Welcome to Manipology!

At this community, we have many talented professors and students studying in Manipology: the art of manipulating images. All sorts of beautiful graphics come from the works of these fine people, so feel free to join and become a member, even if you'd like to do nothing but admire their hard-work and creations.

If you'd like to post art, just follow this simple outline:

1) All art must be under a cut or link.
___ a. An LJ-cut may be used; if you're not familiar with this, just click here.
___ b. You can link to the image in your own journal, or wherever it's been posted, if you'd prefer.
___ c. These rules are in order to help save space on friends-lists. Some of us still have slow net connections, and those images really hurt the loading of the page. Be kind and simply place the work behind a cut or in a link!

2) You must label your art worksafe or not worksafe.
___ a. Worksafe means that there is no nudity, no hints of anything naughty whatsoever. People can open the page safely while at work, school, or home with bustling children.
___ b. Not Worksafe means...well, you'd better not have anyone around. There's nudity and naughtiness and things that might make you happy to see, but your boss, classmates, and children probably won't enjoy them as much as you do.
___ c. ....At least, they'd better not.

3) Tag your entries.
___ a. This is mainly so others that really enjoy your work can find your work again.
___ b. To tag your work, enter your username in the "Tag:" space of the post. Then, put a comma, and then hit the spacebar.
___ c. If your work is worksafe, type worksafe in. If it's not, type in not-worksafe. Then post as your normally would.
___ d. You can also post first, then view your entry and click the "Edit Tags" button. You can select the tags you want from the menu that appears.

4) No flaming!
___ a. Cyber etiquette is a must here, folks: if you don't like someone's work, simply don't say anything at all.
___ b. If you don't, the mods will be forced to remove you from the comm and wash your mouth out with soap.

That's all for the outline. Come join in the fun, and happy manipping!

You can link to the comm with these buttons, if you'd like:

Thanks to mentalme85 for the second one!

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